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Let me read to you this Thursday

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Hi Reader,

It's finally springtime.

Coming up in this first sunny week of birds and bees at play is Austrian Reading Day on March 24.

Endlich Frühling. Und in dieser erste Woche, in der Vögelchen und Bienchen in der Sonne herumflattern, findet der österreichische Vorlesetag statt. Am 24. März.

What's that?

The so-called "österreichische Vorlesetag" is an event that promotes the importance and fun of reading and being read to.

Obviously, I'd never let that go by.

Ein Tag, an dem man vorliest und Lesen fördert. Das lasse ich mir nicht entgehen.

Save the date

... and see me read from “The Alice Wonders” this Thursday. I’ll read live online (via Zoom) from both the German and English copy.

Und hier geht's zu den live Online-Vorlesungen:

👉🏻 4 PM Reading in English

👉🏻 5 PM Reading in German

You can stream each reading from anywhere in the world.

📆 Add the events to your calendar and set a reminders. I can't wait to see you.

Du kannst dir beide Lesungen von überall ansehen. Trage sie dir am besten gleich im Kalender ein. Ich freu mich dich zu sehen.

Let me give you a freebie.

Get the easy EXPERIMENT FUN SHEET that helps your little ones to explore the world.

Hier gibt es ein Freebie für dich und deine Minis.

From the heart

You can now get SIGNED COPIES, with kind words in my online store or grab one at the local concept store; Konzeptgreissler.

Hol dir dein signiertes Exemplar im Onlineshop oder beim Konzeptgreissler 👉🏻 Neulinggasse 34-36, 1030 Vienna, Austria.

Look behind the scenes

I recently started to share my EXPERIENCES during the creation of 'The Alice Wonders' on MEDIUM (English only). This includes the crowdfunding campaign, and anything from concept to cover.

Free reads of my first articles:

Share share share the love ;)

Share wonders with your loved ones.
Thank you and a wonderful day to you,


Let's be friends.

Hi! I'm Alyssa-Ninja.

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